Wishes, A Hug, and Tears…

Merry Christmas hugs 12-15-2010

While finishing my last-minute Christmas shopping the other day, I looked at the many faces that passed and wondered if (and hoped) that they were having a wonderful holiday season.  I wished their stress would disappear after buying gifts, I wished their loved ones would be nearby, I wished for smiles on every child’s face, and I especially wished for the sick to be pain-free and healthy very soon.  It’s easy to get wrapped up in the fast-paced shopping season and forget what’s really important. 

Trying to decide which store to walk into next, my eyes fell upon a young man in military fatigues walking by with his girlfriend.  As he approached, I walked up to him, stared right in his eyes and said with conviction, “THANK YOU!”  Without hesitation, he stretched out his arms and gave me the biggest heartfelt hug and said, “It’s Christmas time, I think a hug is appropriate.” 


As I continued walking in the opposite direction from the soldier, my eyes teared up for quite a few reasons.  I wondered just how many other strangers actually take the time to thank that young man or other members of our military.  I wondered how long he would be able to spend time with his family before being deployed again.  I wondered if he realized just how much I appreciated him. 

The only good thing about waiting til the last minute to do my Christmas shopping was this most wonderful encounter!  My wish for everyone this season is to find the love in your heart, the smile on your face, and the passion of life!

Merry Christmas this 25th day of December, 2010!

~April Glatzel

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