Unusual But Beautiful Weather

"The Sister Team" vantage point from Canyon Ridge in Riverside

Not even a week ago, we were riding our bicycles in the Wood Streets neighborhood, enjoying the long-awaited 90 degree weather, surrounded by blooming iris, daffodils and lilies.  Yet today, we had a “sun shower,” something that Tara and I enjoyed as children in Pennsylvania, but rarely experience in California.  The sun was as bright as you could imagine, while the rain spilled down and sparkled in the sunlight as though diamonds were falling from the sky.  And then, to our Southern California surprise, large snowflakes started to fall between the raindrops.  Sixty seconds was about all we had to enjoy this rare spectacle. 

An hour and a half later, while at the top of Canyon Ridge Road in Woodcrest, showing a house to a client, I gasped at the view.  The colors… the hills… the clouds… breathtaking!  If our client’s offer gets accepted on this house, this is what he will get to look at every day of his life! 

Life in Riverside is beautiful!

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