Street Cleaning Tickets

street sweeping tickets - watch out!

Those of us who live in the Wood Streets neighborhood are well aware of the new street sweeping schedules, due to the signs posted on our streets.  However, most of us have not been made aware of the TICKETS that the City is writing!  That’s right…  be aware that your vehicles must not be parked on the street during the street sweeping times posted, even if the street sweeper has come and gone!

I saved my neighbor from being ticketed.  Just as I was telling her she needs to pull her car off the street, a City car came barreling down towards us with his flashing light going round-and-round. I informed the City worker that my neighbor was getting her car keys in order to move the car.  No ticket this time!

Be safe on the roads, and mind the street signs to avoid being ticketed.  ~April

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