Riverside’s FREE Swim

Looking for away to stay cool? Riverside residents can swim free at the city’s seven pools starting August 11th through the 22nd.

The seven pools are located at:

  • Pools at Arlington Park (3660 Van Buren Blvd.)
  • Hunt Park, (4015 Jackson St.)
  • Islander Park (3794 Mt. Vernon St.)
  • Reid Park (701 Orange St.)
  • Shamel Park (3650 Arlington Ave.)
  • Sippy Woodhead (2060 University Ave.)
  • Villegas Park (7240 Marguerita St.)

The program provides a way to save energy by allowing residents to cool down without using expensive air conditioning. It’s co-sponsored by Parks, Recreation and Community Services and Public Utilities Department.

For more information call: (951) 826-2000

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