Riverside Seniors “Go Green” for Grandchildren

The seniors at Riverside’s Mount Rubidoux Manor, 3993 10th Street, are fighting back against global warming for the generations to come.

At 11 a.m. Monday, September 29th, 200 seniors from the retirement home will plant five trees — courtesy of Riverside Public Utilities — as a “gift of green for all the grandchildren of the world.”  The trees are acacia, podocarpus, sweet bay, camphor and red bud.

Mabel Harris, a 100-year-old dedicated gardener living at the Manor, will lead the planting after the ceremony in which Mayor Ronald O. Loveridge and Councilmember Mike Gardner will speak.  The Public Utilities will provide a booth with energy-saving tips as well.

The Residents Council also has a goal of raising $250 for the Nature Conservancy, which is striving to plant a billion trees in the rain forests of Brazil within seven years.  Donations will be accepted at the event.

“The Manor’s policy of going green supports the City’s Green Action Plan”, said Wally Longshore, vice president of the Residents Council.  “We’re mobilizing against global warming and taking the lead in a crusade to accelerate local, state and national governmental and private efforts to go green,” he said.  “The theme is: Seniors giving the gift of green to their grandchildren to save them from inheriting a planet environmental horror should global warming go unchecked.”

For more information, call (951) 276-1834.

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