Orange and Black = Green?

Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays of the year, and we have a few ideas to improve your ghoulish gatherings and candy collecting.  This year, why not try for an eco-friendly “green” holiday?

  • The most important part of Halloween, at least for the kids and the kid-like adults…. candy!  Try to hand out organic chocolates and hard candy.  Fun non-food alternative treats include nontoxic crayons, coloring books, stickers, or even small change.
  • Set a spooky mood with soy or beeswax candles, not those made from petroleum-based paraffin.
  • Don’t forget a reusable shopping bag or even a pillowcase to carry your trick-or-treating haul!
  • Invest creativity instead of cash in your costume.  Dig into the back of your closet or hit the thrift store to find wacky clothes and accessories.  Instead of throwing away an old outfit or a grandparent’s hat or shirt, stash it in the “Halloween costume” box!  How much fun to look at the old and goofy clothes the following year(s) and use them creatively as costumes!
  • Avoid masks made of vinyl.  Latex ones are safer, unless you’re allergic to the material.
  • Look up recipes for pumpkin pie, soup or curry so your decoration doesn’t go to waste after Halloween.  Not much of a chef?  Compost that jack-o-lantern, at least!

Have a safe holiday, and if you can ‘go green’ at the same time, what an additional ‘treat’ for your future and the environment! Happy Halloween!

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