NO COST Attic Insulation!

attic insulation

Usually when you hear about something that sounds too good to be true, it usually is.  Well, take it straight from the Realtors’ mouths on this one — it’s definitely true this time!  Tara and I had new insulation installed just this morning (see photo of my attic), in each of our homes here in the Wood Streets, and it is going to cost us NOTHING!

As long as you are a customer of Riverside Public Utilities and Southern California Gas, and you have the insulation installed by the DEADLINE of June 30, 2010 you will qualify for the rebates.  You could also end up with cash in your pocket due to a 30% Federal Tax Credit!

Don’t delay!  The sooner you call Richard Mask at (951) 218-4257 with Cell-Spray, the better.  There is only so much time for the company to install insulation for the many homeowners who will be interested in this amazing opportunity.

Below is a cost analysis for an average attic space of 1200 square feet.  In this example, Cell-Spray would be adding a 10-inch layer of high performance (R-30) insulation.

insulation chart

What are you waiting for?  Not only is this FREE… but you will save money on your utility bills, which is ultimately a huge positive impact on our environment!

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