Happy Mother’s Day!

Tara, April and Ruth


Mother’s Day is a day to spend extra thoughts of, or money on, or time with, your mother (grandmother, aunt, or a woman who’s like a mother) whether she’s nearby, has passed, or lives miles away.  The photo in this post is of us (Tara on left) with our mother, Ruth.  Cat-eye glasses and beehive hairdos were popular at the time, and even though our mother cringes today at what the styles were years ago, we still think she’s as beautiful today as she was yesterday. 

Our wish is for everyone to enjoy an extra special Mother’s Day!

The final photo is of three generations: Grandmom Ralph (our maternal grandmother), April, Tara, and Ruth (our mother).

Grandmom Ralph, April, Tara and Mom - 1973 Pennsylvania

–Tara and April

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