Happy Independence Day, America!

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For the 12th year in a row, Tara and I have gathered a few friends to help us place an American flag in each neighbor’s yard (approximately 1,700) on the morning of our Nation’s Independence Day! 

Everyone meets in the driveway of my house at 6:30 a.m., picks up a bundle of American flags, and then we set off in separate cars to different areas of this amazing historical neighborhood, befittingly named “The Wood Streets”.  Believe it or not, this annual task is usually completed within two hours, depending on how many friends and family lend a hand.  Afterwards, Tara and I treat everyone to breakfast at a local restaurant and reflect on our annual ritual.

During our walk through the neighborhood, our encounters with neighbors are always unforgettable, sometimes amazing, and sometimes humorous, thereby reinforcing  how fortunate we are to be living in such a great country.  Some neighbors have kept each flag they’ve received from us over the past decade and proudly wave all of them as we pass.  Some neighbors proudly talk about their armed service history and thank us for being patriotic.  Some neighbors honk their cars with pride as they pass us walking down the street.   Some neighbors have written editorials in the local newspaper thanking us for displaying the flags each year. 

We anticipate continuing this tradition for many years to come, and look forward to meeting more neighbors on our travels!

On this festive day, please be safe, be smart, and be thankful for current and past service men and women who have fought for our independence!

Happy Independence Day!!!

April Glatzel

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