Happy Halloween!

 "The Sister Team" 2008 Halloween Party Electric Chair!

Hope everyone has as much fun this Halloween as we did at our raging Halloween party back in 2008 here in the Wood Streets neighborhood!

Our friend Tom built the electric chair above and it was the hit of the party!  He purchased some kind of various colored “e-wires” online and hooked them to a tiny transformer, and then connected that to a homemade 12-volt battery box with switches that made the wires glow.  The wires were then suspended using invisible fishing line.  I used a tripod to take the photos to avoid harsh flashes.  The metal helmet had real electrodes attached to it for appearances sake.  Party guests took turns having their photos taken while sitting on the simple wooden chair.  A good time was had by all!

Our Halloween wish this year is for everyone to have fun, but be safe!
And don’t eat too much candy!

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