Happy Father’s Day


Eddie and Brooklynn admiring Temecula vineyard May 2012

We’d love to take this opportunity to wish all fathers a Happy Father’s Day! 

Today, we will spend the afternoon with our father just talking, laughing, and going for a drive. Even though we see him all the time, today will be HIS day to choose where and what he wants to do, even though we suggested renting segways at the beach, a picnic at Lake Arrowhead, or a drive to San Diego.  We have yet to see what he’s chosen…

The photo above is Tara’s little girl, Brooklynn, 4 1/2, holding her father’s hand while overlooking a vineyard in Temecula.  It’s one of my favorite photos, not only because it’s so sweet, but because of the shadow of their hand-holding.  The day this photo was taken was of significant importance: Here was Eddie holding his youngest daugher’s hand, and later that day he gave away his oldest daughter’s hand in marriage. 


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