Happy Father’s Day!

April and Dad on Comanche, winter 1965, Croydon PA

Wanted to take a moment to wish a Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!  Click here to read our online color version of our May/June 2011 Chit Chat newsletter. I wrote an article about our dad on the front page of the Chit Chat.  Tara and I were fortunate to have a wonderful father who cared about us while growing up, and still does! 

Tara and I (and Brooklynn too), spent the day with our dad today, in celebration of Father’s Day, in Temecula.  We took him to a gluten-free pizza restaurant on Winchester Road, and had a grand time.  Brooklynn was well-behaved as usual, and ate vanilla soy ice cream and a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie.  The weather was perfect, the company was even better, and the food was the icing on the cake! 

Happy Father’s Day to all!

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