Bike Ride to Farmers’ Market

Ride your bike to the Riverside Farmers Market

What better way to spend time with family on a Saturday morning than by biking to the local Farmers’ Market in downtown Riverside near the famous Mission Inn.  By riding our bikes, we don’t have to worry about where to park, we save money on gas, save wear and tear on our automobiles, spend quality time with family, and best of all we get some exercise! 

Local California family farmers growing food for families.  Californians supporting California.  Yep, that’s what it’s all about!

Fresh fruits and vegetables from Riverside Farmers Market
Didn’t buy too much today, but it was a heavy haul for my bike basket.  The melon, corn and potatoes are what weighed so much.  This week I bought purple (yes, purple) green beans, called nightshade (at least that’s what the farmer told me).  He said they’re sweeter than green beans.  And if you’re wondering why I bought only one tomato, it’s because my mom said she was bringing me some homegrown ‘tomaters’ from her own garden.

The bok choy was only a dollar, and since I’ve never tried it before, I thought it wasn’t too much to spend on something new even if I don’t end up liking it.  And the peaches weren’t from the market; they’re from my friend Mary’s very own backyard tree here in Riverside.  And they are extremely sweet and delicious!!

A wonderful morning, a bountiful and affordable harvest, and a fun bike ride with my sister and niece.  I love, love, love Riverside, California!!!

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