An Important Addition to Our Website

lost and found magnifying glass

We have included a LOST AND FOUND page under the COMMUNITY tab on our website.  We will continue to remind people in our newsletter (The Chit Chat) that we will post any lost or found item so a happy reunion can be arranged with the proper owner, whether the item be a pet, a baseball glove, a bicycle, or a wallet!

Our most recent FOUND item was a Beagle dog.  Click here to see if you recognize him.  This is, unfortunately, one more cute and cuddly reason why it is so important to have an electronic ID microchip inserted into your pet(s).  The cost is about $15 per pet at most animal shelters or vet offices — a small fee in the scope of things.  You will also buy your pet time at the animal shelter if he/she is picked up — usually a pet with a microchip is held for a few days longer than the other animals.

So please contact us via phone (951-205-4429) or email ( should you need to post a LOST or FOUND item.  We look forward to helping out in any way that we can!

–Tara and April

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