3rd Annual “Cookies With Santa”

Brooklynn sitting on Santa's lap - 2010

SANTA will be making a special appearance at 3943 Chapman Place (the house with the train) this Saturday, December 10th from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.  Santa’s helpers will be serving hot chocolate, cookies and cupcakes for children and adults!  If you forget your camera, we’ll take photos for you.

Real smoke, turning wheels, and real train sounds! Choo chooooo!

The train will be
spouting off real smoke, and the wheels actually turn ’round and ’round, with real train sounds too!   Kids, young and old, can sit inside the train for photo opportunities. 

Many people are
curious as to when
the Chapman Place Christmas decoration tradition began.  One
of our neighbors did some research and found a 1966 Press-Enterprise newspaper article.  The
tradition of decorating the street was proposed in 1950 by Chapman Place resident Charles M. Wilson. Aubyrnne skipping with joy after receiving a candy cane from Santa!









 In 1950, the west end of the street was still an orange grove, yet the homeowners gathered in Charlie’s garage to make 8-foot tall Christmas trees out of aluminum foil.  The 1966 newspaper photo showcased
life-sized lit candlesticks that lined the street, which the current residents reproduced and put in place this year for the whole neighborhood to enjoy! 

Take a stroll down Chapman Place tonight….



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