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U.S. Passport Fees Set to Rise

July 7, 2010 ·

U.S. Passport

Summer travelers just can’t get a break.  First, the airlines slap on surcharges for the season, and now the U.S. State Department is raising passport fees and imposing a new fee for extra visa pages.

The new passport prices take effect next week, on July 13, 2010.  So you’ll save money by applying or renewing this week.  How much?  Here are some comparisons:

  • Adult passport — New fee: $135  Old fee: $100
  • Adult passport renewal — New fee: $110   Old fee: $75
  • Minor passport (under age 16) — New fee: $105   Old fee: $85
  • Adult passport card (allows border crossings by land) — New fee: $55   Old fee: $45
  • Minor passport card — New fee: $40   Old fee: $35
  • Extra visa pages — New fee: $82   Old fee: It was free of charge

To learn how to apply for a passport or renew one, go to the State Department’s website for travelers

Regardless of these fee increases, we wish you happy and safe travels this summer!


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